Conference Programme

*** All times are UK (GMT) ***

Thursday 10 December 2020

Zoom Room 1Zoom Room 2
Welcome address (Assay/Fanning) 
10:00-11:30MIS Performance (Owen-Ellis Clark and Smith, Lutteman, Parker)Humour (Deaken, Lassauzet, Stokes)
12:00-13:30MIS Songs (Joyce, Ledwidge, Moss Waghorn)New Compositions (Barclay, Farhang, Geyer)
14:30-16:00Stage and Screen (Leonard, Lotfi, Pavlović)Musicals (DeLong, Scheiblhofer, Wong)
16:30-18:00Plenary (Duffin, Van Kampen) 
18:15-19:15John Casken: The Shackled King, introduced by the composer 
19:15-c.20:00Meeting with John Casken and performers 

Friday 11 December 2020

Zoom Room 1Zoom Room 2
9:30-11:00New Opera (Assay, Bilge, Halliwell) 
11:30-12:30Performance in the Theatre  (Lyons, Rossiter)Germany and Nationalism (Nehrfors Hultén, Radecke)
12:30-14:00The Shackled King and Lunch 
14:00-15:30Gender and Sexuality (Chan, Marsico, Thompson and Sola)MIS Imagery and Song (Cooper, Nelson, Trudell)
16:00-17:30Italian Opera (Avallone, Mueller, Vellutini)Incidental Music (McJannet, Novaković, Tillier)
18:00-19:30French Music (Abdullah, Bardelmann, Rushton)English Song (Price, Scheer, Wilcox)
19:30-20:00Closing remarks 

MIS = Music in Shakespeare. All other session titles are understood as Shakespeare and…

Speakers are arranged alphabetically within sessions and need not constitute a definitive order.

The repeat streaming of The Shackled King is designed for the benefit of those unable to view on Thursday evening.