About us

The RMA Shakespeare and Music Study Group provides a distinct forum for researchers and practitioners across disciplines and cultures with a common interest in the field of Shakespeare and music. The group seeks to promote and foster research, collaboration and exchange of ideas in two related areas: music in Shakespeare’s works, and music either inspired by them or for use in their production. The group also aims to support and encourage postgraduate research in the area of ‘Shakespeare and Music’ and to provide a platform for collaborative cross-disciplinary projects in research, performance and composition.

The group emerged from a series of seminars and panels which Dr Michelle Assay, with the support of Professor David Fanning, convened at various international conferences. The first of these was a panel on ‘Shakespeare and Nordic Music’ which took place during Kingston Shakespeare Conference in 2016. This was followed by a panel and a seminar during the ESRA (European Shakespeare Research Association) Conference in Gdansk in 2017. The group launched officially during the ESRA Conference in Italy in July 2019, where it ran two seminar sessions.